Lower cost:

Compared to concrete, steel allows the weight of certain structures to be reduced by up to 30%.

Less construction time:

In any work, the deadline can be decisive. Metal structures, being lighter, require a shallower foundation depth and, moreover, steel is available in a large number of sizes and shapes, simplifying assembly.

Savings in materials:

Steel makes it possible to reduce the surface to be painted by up to 50%.

Accident prevention:

Steel has higher fire resistance at the time of fire.

Ease of design:

The lightness and elasticity of steel, in addition to its resistance, make it the ideal material for carrying out works of innovative design.

Under later maintenance:

This allows a lower investment in maintenance and remodeling.

Greater resistance:

Its high strength per unit weight allows for lightweight structures, an important aspect in the construction of bridges, tall buildings and structures founded on soft soils.

Allow extensions:

Steel allows modifications and/or extensions to projects much more easily than other commonly used materials.