A paradigm shift in building design.
Welcome to BENCHMARK, the benchmark for the complete thermally insulated facade. BENCHMARK offers you the complete system for the implementation of architecturally impressive modern facades, perfectly adapted to the design and aesthetics of your construction projects.

BENCHMARK brings together all the design elements to help you create stunning architectural facades to suit your designs and building specifications. Inspirational finishes and function to perfection ensure that BENCHMARK sets the benchmark for design, technical performance, system integration and ease of installation.

Designwall 1000
A popular choice for new and retrofit projects, Designwall 1000 is a design value with sufficient thermal and structural properties for many applications.

  1. Horizontal and Vertical Application
  2. Value Engineering Architectural Option
  3. Custom Corner Panels Available in Pre-Formed Bent and Curved Shapes
  4. Available in Endless Selection of colors and finishes including Granitstone, copper, and various patterned looks
  5. Wide range of sizes offered ranging from 8″ to 36″ wide (24″ and 30″ standard
Designwall 2000
Designwall 2000 features a sealed joint in both vertical and horizontal applications to maximize thermal efficiency and create a double barrier against air and water penetration.

  1. Fully engineered hinge system provides a double barrier against air and water penetration
  2. Integrates with window and shutter systems
  3. Dynamic range of colors, finishes and substrates available including zinc, anodized aluminum and stainless steel
  4. Profile options include flat with or without relief and Shadowline